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sources supplying drugs to these countries today – on the local markets, home players have managed to grasp the situation just in time, having set up own production of medications in demand and formed affordable prices for them, and as a result, everybody has occupied own niche. It means that our domestic drugs now have serious competitors on foreign markets! As a remark, I’d like to mention the experience of China which not just followed the same path – many Chinese pharmaceutical companies began producing drugs popular in ex-Soviet countries and exporting them to the countries of Central Asia at even more competitive prices. With them, Ukrainian manufacturers find it even harder to compete.

Therefore, today, foreign importers have the widest choice of offers in various price categories, with flexible pricing policy, availability of bonus system and other attractive terms of doing business. It gives a manager of a company importing drugs to these countries a range of advantageous offers to choose from. Somewhat different reasons have forced us to give up certain share of pharmaceutical markets in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In these countries, the government has created a quite complex registration procedure for foreign-manufactured drugs, which became a sort of a barrier intended to protect local pharmaceutical companies.

That’s exactly why Ukrainian participants of foreign markets have to change their business running strategy using all available resources and show flexible approach to pricing and selection of partners. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to take advantage of all opportunities to enter foreign markets and occupy as many niches there as possible with the broadest possible product range by not only entering into direct export contracts but also employing possibilities of indirect export, via distribution companies.

In the latter option, for 10 years UkrPharmExport has been helping many Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers. We possess a huge potential of selling pharmaceutical products in a number of regions, but unfortunately, we are not always able to use it 100% because of the pricing barriers erected by Ukrainian manufacturers themselves. Also, we are not always able to find a compromise on the matter of supply. As a result, neither manufacturers themselves nor distributors supply Ukrainian-manufactured drugs to foreign markets, which means that the available niche which could’ve been occupied by domestic products goes to the drugs manufactured in India, China, Russia, etc. In the end, Ukraine is being gradually squeezed out of the foreign markets. So, it appears that not completely thought-out actions of Ukrainian manufacturers are indirectly responsible for Ukrainian medications losing their share of these markets.

Perhaps it happens that way because representatives of domestic pharmaceutical companies regard distributors-exporters operating on foreign markets as their competitors. We could also assume that it prompts some of them to take an uncompromising stand and dictate us not quite competitive prices for exported drugs. In doing so, they forget that the companies like ours have to operate in much more difficult pricing conditions than the distributors which cover the local market only. On the foreign markets, we have to compete with quite strong players offering the products similar to ours but at lower prices. Alas, it’s hard for us to counter their actions given such a fierce pricing competition and almost complete absence of any understanding and support on part of Ukrainian manufacturers. At the same time, domestic manufacturers themselves not always are able or want to export own-manufactured products. It is quite possible that they still remain affected by the stereotype that the distributor-exporter rakes up superprofits from selling Ukrainian-manufactured drugs without making any substantial efforts. In reality, however, we offer our partners on both sides of Ukrainian border a comprehensive approach to realization of their business; we continuously monitor the market and pharmaceutical legislation in each country; we register and promote drugs using own efforts. Also, UkrPharmExport offers substantial payment deferment terms, delivering at own expense the widest possible range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, dietary supplements, and medical devices regardless of the shipment amount… Because of own fallacies, Ukrainian manufacturers lose a lot on sales turnovers and turn out to be simply unable to realize 100% the potential of their product portfolio on foreign markets. And while we – Ukrainian manufacturers and distributors-exporters – are looking for a compromise, Ukraine is de-facto being squeezed out of the foreign markets and loses the niches occupied instead by Asian manufacturers.

We sincerely hope that in the coming year our colleagues in trade will hear us and reach out to the companies like UkrPharmExport. After all, we help Ukrainian medications find the way to patients from the ‘near’ and ‘far abroad’, whose list is continuously expanding. In the coming year we plan to start developing markets in the South-East Asia and Africa, and have serious intentions as regards further promotion of Ukrainian medications on the CIS markets and enlargement of our product portfolio. We hope that we’ll be able to find a common language with the domestic companies with which we could not establish efficient cooperation until now and agree on the terms which would satisfy both parties: that means pricing, exclusive product presentation on the markets, joint promotion of medications, and regulation of product prices on certain foreign markets.

Apteka Weekly Press Service

*See: Positions strengthen… fight continues! (Apteka Weekly, issue 39 (810) dated 10.10.2011).

Alla Shvedova, Assistant Director for Commercial Matters at GNCLS Experimental Factory LLC:

One can say without any exaggeration that UkrPharmExport is one of the leaders in indirect export of GNCLS-manufactured drugs. We are glad that during all that time of doing business together we have forged not just a reliable partnership but a stable, friendly relationship. As GNCLS is an expert in drug development and manufacture, by the same token UkrPharmExport is a true expert in drug exports to many countries of the ‘near’ and ‘far abroad’. We are happy to find in this company not a competitor but a real helper always ready to suggest a correct solution as regards the pricing, help launch marketing of a product, make delivery in any amount and right on time. We are very pleased with this friendship, so on the day of UkrPharmExport’s 10th anniversary we’d like to wish them success and high achievements in business, luck and financial independence, unlimited opportunities, and health, family wellbeing and happiness to all employees!

Yevhen Sova, Commercial Director at Borshchahivka Chemical and Pharmaceutical Factory RPC PJSC:

No efficient cooperation could’ve been possible without normal human relationship. That’s why I am very happy to know for many years the UkrPharmExport’s director. He is undoubtedly a talented organizer who started his business from the scratch and during a relatively short period of time was able to create a company which became one of the leading pharmaceutical exporters in Ukraine. One could talk a lot about export being a very difficult business. But today, I’d like to talk about something different: export of Ukrainian medications is, first of all, a very noble mission! All these years UkrPharmExport has been helping Ukrainian manufacturers launch and promote their products on foreign pharmaceutical markets. And even though export business becomes harder and harder with every year, UkrPharmExport’s professionals do their job more than successfully, while at the same time conducting their business in a very ethical manner. My congratulations to the company’s team with the first small anniversary, and the wish: ‘Keep up the good work!’

Sviatoslav Kuryshchuk, Assistant Chairman of the Board for Sales at Biopharma PrJSC:

Thanks to high professionalism of and friendly support from UkrPharmExport personnel, medications from Biopharma’s product portfolio are well known today in Moldova, Georgia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

On this special day, when the UkrPharmExport team celebrate their professional growth, count achievements and sum up results, I’d like to wish them be able to find a way out of any situation and that success comes to them by itself!

Viacheslav Larin, Head of Directorate for Foreign Representative Offices at Yuria-Pharm LLC:

Yuria-Pharm specializes in manufacture of infusion solutions. These are vitally-important drugs distinguishable for a quite large size and weight but at the same time relatively low price. However, such a particularity of our products did not prevent UkrPharmExport from exporting them to the countries of the ‘near abroad’, probably because this company is notable for its very special qualities – exceptional professionalism, unordinary mobility and ability to respond fast to the changes on foreign markets, and friendliness and desire to help Ukrainian manufacturers, let alone the absolute accuracy in financial matters. Perhaps that’s why professional relationship of our companies may rather be called a friendship which is almost their contemporary.

On the day of UkrPharmExport’s 10th jubilee I’d like to wish the company’s management and team the confident choice in everything, to have no doubts in everything they plan, and also reliable business partners and wonderful discoveries. Thank you for being with us!