UkrPharmExport LLC
A specialized foreign trade company
Wholesale sales of medications and medical devices
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We offer:
  • 100% fulfillment of your orders
  • Prompt order completions and shipments
  • Provision of all required documents, assistance in registration of new drugs
  • Customs clearance and deliveries in shortest time
  • Low prices, flexible payment system, and individual approach to every customer
  • Professional and reliable performance

UkrPharmExport LLC

UkrPharmExport LLC is an international pharmaceutical company founded on 21 January 2002.
Our company has the wholesale drug sales license No 579111 dated 09.08.2011. The main areas of the company’s business include:
1) sales of Ukrainian-manufactured medications and medical devices to the CIS and the ‘far abroad’;
2) registration of pharmaceutical drugs in the CIS states;
3) marketing and promotion of new drugs;
4) representation of commercial interests of foreign pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.
Our main sales markets:
Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Transnistria, Estonia, United States, and New Zealand.
We are currently working on developing prospective markets in Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia.
UkrPharmExport LLC works with all leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers and has long-term contracts on supply of pharmaceutical products abroad. Our Ukrainian partners include:
Biopharma PrJSC, PC Zdorovie LLC, GNCLS EF, Yuria-Pharm LLC, Arterium Corporation, Pharm Factory Zhytomyr DKP, Darnytsia PrJSC, Farmak OJSC, Luhansk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Factory, Borshchahivka Chemical and Pharmaceutical Factory, Lekhim JSC, Lubnypharm, Ukrvata, Pharmakom, Kyivhuma, and other pharmaceutical companies. Our product range features almost 4000 drug and medical device names.
Our products are delivered by Ukrainian transportation companies which have required truck fleet and experience in transportation of medications. Due to geographical remoteness of sales markets and high transportation costs our company employs the ‘consolidated method’ of delivery, which helps us offer our foreign partners an optimal transportation price without tying it to the amount of shipment.
Our export sales are overseen by the personnel, each of whom is responsible for a certain market. This practice allows our specialists to get full knowledge of pharmaceutical market in a particular country, the culture of taking particular drugs, similar registered products, particularities of drug certification process, and the mentality of people and the way of communicating with them. Only by the in-depth study of all the aforementioned aspects one may achieve success and efficient results.
Every specialist thoroughly studies pharmaceutical market, legislative changes, appearance of new and disappearance of ‘old’ players, monitors ‘deficit segments’ to ensure prompt registration and launch marketing of Ukrainian-manufactured pharmaceutical drugs.
Our mission is to present Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry to the world community, ensure sales on foreign markets, and provide maximum service to our partners, namely, the entire range of Ukrainian-manufactured drugs in one place at competitive prices. Our company is ready to provide a package of services: marketing, registration, delivery to buyer’s warehouse, promotion. Our partners receive the complete package of services in one place regardless of the order amount, thus optimizing numerous contracts and logistical and transportation costs.
UkrPharmExport LLC
A specialized foreign trade company
Wholesale sales of medications and medical devices